Meeting with the Commercial Counsellor of Türkiye

The office of the commercial counselor Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in Dhaka invited Mr. Mohammad Ali Khokon, President BTMA at the Embassy on 18th October 2022 to discuss the issue of ICA’s panel sanctions to buyers/importers. The President of BTMA briefs Kenan KALAYCI, Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of The Republic about the practices & rules and bylaws which are detrimental to the interest of buyers/importers of cotton. During the meeting, he also informs the councilor that recently BTMA had a meeting with the ICA president & the managing director where BTMA handed over some specific proposals to the ICA president with a request to insert in the ICA Rules & bylaws. The president of BTMA also handed over a copy of the proposal to the commercial councilor with a request to move with their efforts in resolving the problems arising due to contradictory rules & bylaws of ICA. In response, the commercial Councilor informs the BTMA President that Türkiye chamber is actively working on the above issue and he opined that the main cotton importing countries such as Bangladesh, Türkiye, China, Vietnam, Pakistan and India move together there might be a change in the existing rules & bylaws where the BTMA president appreciated.

The President BTMA assured the Turkyies councilor that BTMA will be always with Türkiye if the Türkiye take any positive initiative in the matter. Mr. Masud Rana, Engr. Estahak Ahmed Shaikat, Mr. Syed Mohammad & BTMA Additional Director & CEO (In-Charge) Mr. Monsoor Ahmed accompany with the president.