Meeting with Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers

Today, on February 28, 2024, the Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers (ABRAPA) and the National Association of Cotton Exporters (ANEA) met with BTMA President Mr. Mohammad Ali Khokon and the distinguished members of the Board of Directors at the BTMA Gulshan office.

The President BTMA said Bangladesh is the second largest cotton importer in the world. There is a further scope of increasing of cotton import from Brazil. The trade mission namely- Brazilian Cotton Mission is an event for the cotton producers and exporters, with a view to keep balance of the cotton demand- supply is no doubt a great initiative. The President BTMA is confident that the delegation will be enriched about the way outs of increasing cotton export to Bangladesh and the spinning industry of Bangladesh will also be enriched about Brazilian cotton situation. He feel it is necessary for both the association to take more interaction in terms of visit or holding of Seminars/Meetings to increase the area of activities.