Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA)

is the national trade organization representing Yarn, Fabric Manufacturers and Textile Product Processors mills of the country under private sector. BTMA has been registered in 1983 with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies as an Association, not for profit, under the Companies Act 1994.

1521 Member Mills

Yarn Manufacturing Mills: 433
Fabric Manufacturing Mills: 827
Dyeing-Printing-Finishing Mills: 251

Over 6.00 billion US$

Investment in the Primary Textile Sector

Contribution in GDP

Textile sector contributes more than 13% in GDP.

Export Earning

Over 86% of the export earning comes from Textiles & Textile related products.



  • Investment in the Primary Textile Sector: over 4.5 billion US$.
  • Value addition in knit & woven RMG are over 70% & 35% respectively.
  • Textile sector contributes more than 12% in GDP.
  • Over 81% of the export earning comes from Textiles & Textile related products.
  • Around 90% yarn demand for knit RMG & 35-40% yarn demand for woven RMG are met by Primary Textile Sector (PTS).
  • Local fabric demand & the yarn demand for handloom are also met by Primary Textile Sector (PTS).
  • Backward & Forward linkage industries provide employment for more than 5 million people where 80% are female.
  • PTS industries producing around 1200 MW power through Captive Generator.
  • Generate huge cliental base for Banking, Insurance, Shipping, Transport, Hotel, Cosmetics, and Toiletries & related economic activities.

Yarn Manufacturing Mills


Fabric Manufacturing Mills


Dyeing-Printing-Finishing Mills


Total Member Mills

Latest News

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